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Masiding Noor Yahya

Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Ranao Star Philippines.

Morning After: A Way of Enriching Iligan

It had been said that after the closure of some industrial companies in Iligan, the city could have been reduced to a mere barangay of Cagayan de Oro had it not been of the Maranaos who fill the Mall, the department stores and food courts and even wet markets.

MILF armed forces condemn Kabacan ambush, seek NBI probe

The Kabacan ambush in North Cotabato is another disturbing incident among the Bangsamoro leaders. It happened in less than a week after the Jolo bombing. Many killing incidents in the past had taken many lives and what authorities have done so far was to assure of bringing the culprits to justice or condemned it in terms. But there appears no solid commitment to stop the repeat of such killing. Again and again incidents like this happen which still prove that peace is so elusive in this part of the country and the very foundation of the BOL is tested.