Bangsamoro Region

Pathways conducts FGD in Marawi City Division

The Education Pathways to Peace in Mindanao Conducted Focus Group Discussion for the Project Implementation of the Save the Children Philippines in the Division on June 11, 2021, held at the Division Conference.

The meeting was presided by no less than the Schools Division Superintendent Pharida L. Sansarona.

The other persons in the discussion meeting were Assistant Schools Division Superintendent JD Baesarom A. Domato; ASDS Dr. Sobaida D. Ampuan; Supervisors of Core Subjects, Dr. Fatima Mognie; Dr. Gloria Galo; Normina Guro; Dr. Mona Miscille T. Domato; Kindergarten Division Coordinator Ashania Dimaampao; Research Division Coordinator Dr. Sittie Mae G. Pamanay; Division ITO Dr. Paramata M. Bantuas; ELLN Division Coordinator Sittiehaymer T. Abdulwahab; CSO Chair, Padoman Paporo; and Division Coordinator Normal Tiburon.

PTCA Federation Officer, Engineer Gunang, and City Councilor Aleem Nasif Marangit.

The discussion has been productive that leads to laying out of plans and possible project proposals for the bangsamoro learners of Bangsamoro Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education . MBHTE-DOCS-Marawi

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