Bangsamoro Region

UP visits schools under Central District in MAA


MARAWI CITY: Visitors from University of the Philippines (UP) recently visited all the schools in the Most Affected Area (MAA) of Marawi.

The schools they visited were under the Central District headed by Supervisor Bae Anisah S. Guro.

Supervisor Guro said the nine affected schools under her jurisdiction are the Raya Madaya 1 Elementary School; Raya Madaya 2 Primary School; Dansalan Primary School; Datu Ali Sangcopan Primary School; Sultan Dangcal Elementary School; Lower Dansalan Elementary School; Marawi City Elementary School; Marawi Central Elementary pilot School; and Dansalan National High School.

The UP visitors had the opportunity to visit the Dansalan Integrated School where all the affected schools in ground zero will be relocated. They even had a chance to see the the ongoing construction and rehabilitation of the four affected Mosques inside MAA, the Grand Market, and the ongoing road widening.

Supervisor Guro said that she prays for the fast construction and rehabilitation of the City.

“With Allah’s help and guidance, pangninko ko Allah a mirampay taron [tano ron] sa kapipiya ginawa na makambalingan tano sa magaan. Allahumma ameen.” She added.

[With Allah’s help and guidance, I pray to Him that may we be able to reach that well and be able to return to our homes.] The Ranao Star

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