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MRRD NECC ‘RevGov Prayer Rally’ in Lanao Sur successful: Aleem Sarangani

With Samera Alonto Menor and Juma Mariquit


Over a thousand of supporters have participated in a ‘prayer rally’ held in this Islamic city on Monday, Feb 22, that calls for a revolutionary government (RevGov) towards Federalism.

A group of participants of the MRRD-NECC Prayer Rally in Marawi City on Feb 22, 2021 posed with the organizers. (TRS)

A day earlier, on Sunday, Feb 21, a motorcade of some 100 vehicles went around the Lake Lanao as part of the event to show their desire for Federalism.

The two-day event was organized by the Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte-National Coordinating Committee (MRRD-NECC), Lanao del Sur local chapter.

Federalism is one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign promises in the 2016 elections and that the LDS MRRD-NECC believes this is the right time to fulfill that promise.

MRRD-NECC motorcade around Lake Lanao for RevGov towards federalizm.

Leader of the event organizers, Aleem Amir “Abu Muhammad” Sarangani said they were able to send their message calling for revolutionary government towards Federalism. “It was very successful,”  he said.

Sarangani thanked all their supporters from different parts of Lanao del Sur for spending time and money just to join the prayer rally and for supporting the call for a federal form of government.

“Pag imbitarun akun so langon a bangsami sa mogop tano sa giya a RevGov ka giya e okit a ka kha-reform of butad tano sa Ranao,” he pointed out. (I invite all to join the RevGov for this the way to reform Lanao.)

Another leader of the Prayer Rally, Aleem Saad Amate said the RevGov is not only the desire of the Filipino people but it is the best way of combatting corruption in the Philippines.

The MRRD-NECC has also held a simultaneous prayer rally at Mendiola, Manila, attended by thousands of supporters. RSO

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