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Jahara A. Solaiman

With the failed bid by a pro-Trump crowd to thwart the US Congress’s confirmation of president-elect Joe Biden, Twitter and Facebook have finally pulled the plug on Trump’s accounts. Sorry Donald, game over. Leave the White House, please. By that time we can tell him “Biden!”

Update: So they’ve impeached Trump again! A happy day for the tired world when he finally leaves the White House (although an earlier exit would be just as welcome).

SinoVac, SinoPharm, Sino ba?


Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, and President-elect Biden, recently joined the number of world leaders getting the Covid-19 vaccine shots.  Ikaw Digong, kailan ka?


Everyone is already fed up with the way the Christine Dacera’s case is being handled by the PNP. It’s been a circus and there’s no certainty as to when there will be any clarity regarding what killed the already buried flight attendant. We all need to know just one thing: was there any foul play or no play?


In better news, Jonel Nuezca is finally kicked out of the PNP. But that’s small comfort to the family of Sonya and Frank Gregorio, whom Nuezca shot to death in a heated confrontation. His bratty daughter can now start crying that her father is no longer a policeman.


Lanao del Sur residents should really consider getting a RACTS ID for use at checkpoints. I recently got mine. Get yourself registered on https://lanaodelsur.ph. After getting signed up you can get your RACTS ID card made by third-party service providers who will charge you a fee for making your RACTS ID card.


Starpay and M Lhuillier: trending words in Marawi as of the moment. And so the beggary and penury that has always plagued the land continues.


Teka lang, bakit parang may pa-contest ang mga LGUs sa pagbili ng mga vaccines para sa constituents nila? Isn’t that supposed to be the responsibility of the national government, like what other countries are doing? Hanggang PHASE SHIELD na lang tayo malamang sa mga vaccinations


Our deepest condolences and du’a go to the families of those lost in Sriwijaya Air Flight 182 crash in Indonesia. May Allah give the deceased Paradise and their bereaved families the strength and patience to bear their loss.

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