Bangsamoro Region

Marawi IDPs badly need P500-M in cash BARMM aid

Abdul Hannan Magarang Tago

Vast majority of the sectoral groups representing Marawi City Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) strongly recommended that P500 million allotments from Bangsamoro Autonomous Regions in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) shall be distributed to the deserving Marawi siege victims.

The body recommendation should be made in accordance with the final decision after identifying the purpose of such aid.

The multi-sectoral groups represented by different stakeholders — Ulama, Sultanate group and LGUs — hosted by BARMM Deputy Chief Minister, Alim Ali Sulaiman at his headquarters in Marawi City recently, were present. 

MARAWI IDPS NEED BARMM HELP. Bangsamoro Deputy Speaker Ali Solaiman (3rd from right) meets with Marawi IDP leaders for possible assistance from the Bangsamoro government. (Abdul Hannan Tago).

The meeting aims to seek the suggestion of the participants how to come up with a consensus to better make use of the allotment as part of Chief Minister Ahod “Haj Murad” Balawag efforts to aid the Marawi siege victims.

The gathering thoroughly discussed the best way possible on how to implement the first financial assistance from BARMM to avoid the repetition of the government similar financial aid a large portion of it went to wrong individuals.

A participant said, “How come a nearly ten individuals allegedly living in two rooms house as owner, a number of sharers and even renters all received 73,000 cash from DSWD?

While such aid helped Maranao beneficiaries unfortunately big portion of it went to the wrong so-called sharers or renters. 

I myself did not get as house owner while three of my shares living in my own house benefiting. My only sin was because I did two entities during the biometric for my two properties.

Some suggest that BARMM assistance should be used for water system project or construction of Masjids. Some others see the necessity of establishing a sustainable business venture and even a seaport.

The said suggestions did not get importance attention while the national government or Task Force Bangon Marawi already made its pronouncements to handle the rehabilitation of more than 30 masjid while water project already funded by some senators.

Security has been also raised to address the concern of those residents lost material while repairing their houses. There are still looting taking place.

I meet while in MAA one who said to be residing in Daguduban telling what happened to their just repaired house. Material already fixed and sad to find after lockdown both fixed one and those unused plywood missing, said the resident.

The meeting concluded with majority to give cash to those owners only providing that the money should be used for repair purposes only.

A body should be created to closely monitor and for verification to validate the real and genuine house owners beneficiaries. AHMT

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