Bayang, the mystical homeland of Moriatao Diwan

The Upper and Lower Bayang, home of the Moriatao Diwan (Descendants of Diwan).

Itself an icon and by its own right, it is protected by nature.”

Bayang, one of the municipalities of Lanao del Sur, is so well respected in the Maranao Taritib and Ijma as one of the 16 Royal Houses of the Four Prefectures of Lanao (Isa ko 16 Panoroganan ko Pata Phangampong ko Ranao.)

It is the home of the Maranao brave and martyrs. The Battle of Bayang in 1902 was the ferciest battle the Ameican invaders had encountered in the archipelago. In this battle thousands of Maranao datus from various parts of Ranao region were united to fight against the invaders in Bayang in a place they later called Padang Karbala resonating the Karbala Plains in Iraq where Hussein (as), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (saw), and his followers were martyred at the hands of Yazid’s army.

The Maranao sultans and datus were martyred in Padang Karbala in defense of the Maranao homeland, their culture and traditions, their religion. And due to this martyrdom that they were able to hand down to their generations an intact unconquered Maranao Homeland.

Bayang, among its grandeurs is its natural beauty with its ecosystem still intact like the culture of its people uncorrupted. Itself an icon and by its own right, it is protected by nature.

Engr. Aslani Pangarungan Balt is the incumbent mayor of Bayang.


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