Bangsamoro Region

Maguindanao official, companions rescued from sea mishap

RESCUED. Maritime police personnel (back to camera) try to pull out the companions of Maguindanao provincial board member Mashur Biruar whose motorboat loaded with relief food packs nearly capsized due to huge waves while on their way to Bongo Island, an island-component of Parang town, on Saturday (May 30, 2020). Biruar’s group, with the help of the maritime police, pushed through with the relief operation after the incident. (Photo courtesy of Parang Maritime Police)

COTABATO CITY: Timely information and communication led to the successful rescue of a provincial board member and his companions whose pump boat was battered by huge waves off the coast of Parang, Maguindanao Saturday.

Maritime police Capt. Fritze James Madrid led his team in rescuing Maguindanao provincial board member Mashur Biruar and his companions between the waters of Parang and Bongo Island, a landmass component of the municipality.

Biruar and his companions were on board two separate motorboats loaded with relief goods intended for families in the island affected by the community quarantine due to Covid-19 when huge waves battered the vessels that made the official lost his control and fell off the sea.

“The wooden-hulled pump boats nearly capsized after strong waves battered its outriggers,” Madrid said.

Biruar, a swimmer, lauded the quick response of the sea police officers, otherwise, the relief goods would have ended in the sea.

Despite the incident, Biruar and his colleagues continued with the distribution of relief goods to constituents on the island with the help of maritime police personnel.

 (PNA/Edwin Fernandez/ SRNY/ RSP)

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