Health facilities offer services on mental health issues

By Kevin Caro

DAVAO CITY: The Southern Philippines Medical Center’s Institute of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine (SPMC – IPBM) has observed that there is a rise in the number of mental health cases because of the current imposed circumstances of the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

To address the problem, local health authorities are offering consultative services to patients who are seeking guidance in terms of psychosocial management.

The Department Chair for the SPMC – IPBM Dr. Bhildis Mabunga explains how the current COVID-19 pandemic is having an adverse effect on the mental health of individuals during the implementation of the Community Quarantine.

“There are a lot of stressors especially during the lockdown or the quarantine such as the general uncertainty caused by the public health emergency so that makes them anxious and go into depression,” Dr. Mabunga said.

Due to the surge in cases of depression and anxiety in the Davao Region, local health authorities are currently beefing up the essential medical facilities dedicated to addressing the prevalent mental health issues being faced by individuals within the Davao region.

The Assistant Regional Director for the Department of Health Davao Center for Health Development (DOH – DCHD) Dr. Lenny Joy Rivera raised the importance of having an established hotline being manned by qualified mental health professionals to cater to the increased number of callers seeking consultation.

“We have observed that our hotlines dedicated for mental health cases are important so we are currently training more people who can actually give mental and psychosocial support since we are expecting a surge in the number of clients who will call our hotline,” Dr. Rivera said.

For individuals who are seeking full consultation with regards to mental health, the SPMC – IPBM can be reached from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm through their mobile hotline: (+63)939 370 3531 and landline number: (+082)227-1531 connect to local 5077.


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