Marawi City

Quest for justice is God-given right

Two days after the first anniversary of the Marawi Siege, I wrote the following story on what a van driver commuting from Cotabato to Marawi said about the tragedy that befell the Islamic city on May 23, 2017:

ILIGAN CITY, Friday, Ramadan 9, 1439 | May 25, 2018 — On our way back home from Cotabato City yesterday, the driver of the passenger car said he thought the siege against Marawi was a well-planned war. He said the terrorists who did it upon instruction might not have known that they were used as instruments to justify the devastation of Marawi.

“Everything happened so fast: the evacuation, the relief goods, the response and intervention programs — they happened so fast; it seemed everything was preset,” he said, adding that, “Foreign jet fighters came so fast as if standing by somewhere waiting for the time.”

Many people believe that the devastation was American Jewish or American Zionists handiwork who wanted to re-occupy Marawi. Stories of Jewish Americans visiting the city about two months before its siege was looking for a parcel of lands which they said was owned by their forebear who bought it from a prominent Maranao datu during the American occupation. They wanted to get it back, and it is not impossible to surmise that the siege was their way of getting it back.

I have heard similar or almost the same stories from our people but God knows the truth. To me, whoever did the devastation of Marawi deserves severe punishment, and Marawi and the Maranaos deserve justice. But the culprits cannot be punished and justice cannot be served if the victims do not work for it because they abandon their God-given right.


Islam teaches that a person may be either of the three: a believer (Muslim), a non-believer (Kufar), or a hypocrite (munafiq). Of them, the most dangerous is the hypocrite who is within the community and enjoying the dispensations of the Ummah. Unlike a kufar, a munafiq appears as an unsuspected covert and can easily attack a Muslim unprepared.

It is narrated through Sahih Bukhari that there are three signs of a hypocrite: One – when he speaks, he speaks LIES; two – when he makes a promise, he BREAKS it; and third – when he is trusted, he BETRAYS his trust. (

Beware of the hypocrites who abound everywhere, be not like them, and don’t even take their word.


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