Quarantine facility in Bacolod Kalawi ready


BACOLOD KALAWI, Lanao del Sur: The Municipality of Bacolod-Kalawi in Lanao del Sur has set up its own Isolation Area -– a healthcare facility designed to house individuals who may be subjected to quarantine and further health monitoring.

Municipal Mayor Nora Lucman Dipatuan in a statement in their local government official Facebook account said the facility located at Barangay Lumbaca-Ingud beside the lake was realized in collaboration with relevant agencies.

Mayor Dipatuan said, “While the Municipality enjoys a zero case, we cannot be complacent and should maintain our preparedness.”

The Isolation Area consists of two rooms, each with four compartmentalized beds, and provided with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as face masks, sanitizing alcohol and other essential medical supplies. It has also clean toilets.

The Isolation Area, which located in Barangay Lumbaca-Ingud beside the lake side, also has a provision of toilets.

The Municipal Government of Bacolod-Kalawi conveys its appreciation to Vice Mayor Junairah D. Mabandus, Dra. Noor-Hanifah M. Anshary, RN, MPM, Municipal Health Officer, Alken Lucman, Municipal Local Government Operations Officer, Djianisah L. Dipatuan, Local Government Operations Officer 2, and Barangay Lumabaca-ingud Chairman Dimasira Abomaragadong, for their hard work and cooperation in materializing this project.

Rocaya Sumndad Otical Yahya/RSP

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