Iligan City

Ulama, media group to hold radio hour in Ramadan

Image courtesy of moody.

ILIGAN CITY: A group of Ulama (religious scholars) and media practitioners in Iligan City and Lanao del Norte will hold a one-hour daily radio program during the Holy Fasting Month of Ramadan that may start on April 24, 2020 as part of their public service.

They also volunteered to do the distribution of Sadaqa or charity from well-off Muslims who wish to assist the needy Muslims in their area to make their fasting meaningful in honor of Ramadan and in obedience to Allah.

Broadcaster AbdulRashid Datu, the program anchor, said this program is aimed to bring to our people the importance of the fast and the inherent reward, blessing and mercy that Allah swt honors to his servants during the Holy Month.

“We also volunteer to distribute to the needy Muslims here any Sadaqa or charity coming from concerned Muslims to make meaningful the fasting of the needy in honor of Ramadan and in obedience to Allah,” said Datu.

He added: “Any kind-hearted Muslim brother or sister who would like to extend charity for the poor Muslims here during Ramadan Fast may coordinate with us at contact no. 09477783369, or 09152184388.”

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