Update of all confirmed PH tested COVID-19 cases

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The Department of Health (DOH) has released the following confirmed COVID-19 cases tested in the Philippines, whether Filipino or Foreign National as of March 11, 2020

Case #Age | SexNationalityHistory of Travel / ExposureDate of Onset of SymptomsDate of Lab ConfirmationHealth Facility AdmittedPlace of Residence in the Philippines
PH1F|38ChineseYes (China); Wife of PH2January 21January 30San Lazaro Hospital (SLH)None
PH2M|44ChineseYes (China); Husband of PH1January 18January 30SLHNone
PH3F|60ChineseYes (China)January 21January 30SLHNone
PH4M|48FilipinoYes (Japan)March 3March 5RITMTaguig
PH5M|62FilipinoHusband of PH6February 25March 5RITMRizal
PH6F|59FilipinoWife of PH5February 27March 6RITMRizal
PH7M|38TaiwaneseNo Travel History; Contact of FN2March 3March 8Makati Medical Center (MMC)None
PH8M|32FilipinoYes (Japan)March 1March 8St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC)-TaguigPasig City
PH9M|86AmericanYes (USA, Korea)March 1March 8The Medical City (TMC)Marikina City
PH10M|57FilipinoNoneFebruary 20March 8SLHQuezon City
PH11M|72FilipinoNoneMar 3(Cough with co-morbidity)March 9St. Luke’s Medical Center – QCSan Juan City
PH12M|56FilipinoNoneFeb 29(Fever and cough)March 9MMCManila City
PH13M|34FilipinoYes (Australia)Feb 28(Fever)March 9MMCQuezon City
PH14M|46FilipinoNoneFeb 25Fever and CoughMarch 9MMCMakati City
PH15M|24FilipinoYes (UAE)March 1CoughMarch 9Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital and SanitariumMakati City
PH16M|70FilipinoIndonesia; Husband of PH17February 29(Cough, Sore throat, and colds)March 9RITMSan Juan City
PH17F|69FilipinoIndonesia; Wife of PH16March 2(Cough and colds with hypertension)March 9RITMMakati
PH18M|41FilipinoTaiwan; Husband of PH19Feb 26Fever, headache and body malaiseMarch 9SLHPasig City
PH19F|46FilipinoWife of PH18AsymptomaticMarch 9SLHPasig City
PH20M|48FilipinoYes. JapanFeb 29Cough and body malaiseMarch 9RITMCavite
PH21F|58FilipinoNoneMar 4Fever, cough, shortness of breathMar 9Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital and SanitariumSan Jose Del Monte, Bulacan
PH22F|51FilipinoNoneMar 4Cough, colds, dysphagiaMar 9Cardinal Santos Medical CenterSan Juan City
PH23F|30FilipinoNoneMar 3Cough, sore throat, headacheMar 9SLHSan Juan City
PH24M|52FilipinoSwitzerlandMar 6Mar 9SLMC-QCQuezon City
PH25M|31FilipinoDiamond Princess Cruise ShipAsymptomaticMar 10Jose B. Lingad Memorial Regional Hospital (JBLMRH)Negros Oriental
PH26M|34FilipinoDiamond Princess Cruise ShipAsymptomaticMar 10JBLMRH Camarines Sur
PH27F|42FilipinoWith History of Exposure to PH9Cough (before Feb 19)Mar 10TMCMarikina City
PH28M|69FilipinoWith History of Exposure to PH9Feb 29Fever, coughMar 10TMCMarikina City
PH29F|82FilipinoWith History of Exposure to PH9AsymptomaticMar 10TMCMarikina City
PH30F|69FilipinoWith History of Exposure to PH9Mar 5 (colds and shortness/difficulty of breathingMar 10TMCMarikina City
PH31F|28FilipinoWith History of Exposure to PH9Mar 1 (sore throat)Mar 10TMCSan Juan City
PH32M|64FilipinoNoneFeb 27Mar 10TMCSan Juan City
PH33M|60FilipinoNone3/3/2020Fever, cough and dizzinessMar 10Rizal Medical CenterMakati city
PH34M|72FILIPINONONEMar 6Mar 11Manila Doctors HospitalFor Validation
PH35F|67FILIPINONONEFeb 29Mar 11Manila Doctors HospitalFor Validation
PH36M|53FILIPINONONEFeb 25Mar 11Las Piñas General HospitalFor Validation
PH37F|88FILIPINONONEFeb 28Mar 11Philippine Heart CenterFor Validation
PH38M|29FILIPINOWITH EXPOSURE HISTORY Mar 11Cardinal Santos Medical CenterFor Validation
PH39M|64FILIPINOWent to GreenhillsMar 3Mar 11Ace Dumaguete Doctors IncFor Validation
PH40M|54FILIPINONONEFeb 24Mar 11Northern Mindanao Medical CenterFor Validation
PH41F|75FILIPINOUSAMar 1Mar 11MMCFor Validation
PH43M|47FILIPINONONEMar 9Mar 11RITMFor Validation
PH44F|70FILIPINONONEMar 7Mar 11MMCFor Validation
PH46F|66FILIPINONONEFeb 29Mar 11SLMC-QCFor Validation
PH48M|57FILIPINOYESMar 2Mar 11SLMC-QCFor Validation
PH49M|72FILIPINONONEMar 1Mar 11Asian Hospital and Medical CenterFor Validation

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