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Officials laud Buadiposo Buntong for its 1st health advisory on the nCoV


BUADIPOSO BUNTONG, Lanao del Sur: Dr. Alinader “Allen” Minalang, chief of Lanao del Sur Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO) has lauded the municipal government of Buadiposo Buntong and its Rural Health Unit (RHU) in its initiative for holding on Tuesday the first health advisory in the province on the Novel Coronavirus (nCOV). 

The local government headed by Mayor Camalodin Jamal Dadayan convened local government officials, members of the Sangguniang Bayan, barangay chairmen and community leaders at the town hall to intensify the information campaign on the 2019 novel coronavirus (nCOV) and report possible contamination in the municipality.

The convergence was in response to the order from the secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to local chief executives to report and contain coronavirus cases in their respective areas.

Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo M. Año on Saturday ordered all local government executives through Memorandum Circular 2020-018  to adopt stringent measures to intensify the information campaign on the 2019 novel coronavirus (nCOV) and report possible contamination in their respective areas.

In the meeting, fact and fiction was also discussed amid the proliferating fake news on the virus as posted in various platforms in social media.

Dr. Minalang said: “Good job Team Buadiposo Buntong Rural Health Unit (RRHU). Your pro-active initiatives to orient the people of Buadipuso Buntong are much appreciated.”

He said he expected all RHU teams to do similar action. “We all need to work, work fast to prevent this n-CoV to enter our territory,” he added.

The presence and active participation of First Lady and former Mayor Bae Hayanisah G. Dadayan who actively support the program has enhanced the cooperation of the residents in implementing measures to be adopted. (RSP)

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