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MSU Pres: BARMM interim chief minister a ‘Bangsamoro Icon’


MSU confers Doctor of Philosophy in Peace and Development (Honoris Causa) on the BARMM interim chief minister

MARAWI CITY: Mindanao State University (MSU) System president Dr. Habib W. Macaayong said Ahod “Murad” Ebrahim, the interim chief minister of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) is a ‘Bangsamoro Icon’ worthy of emulation by the youth.

MSUS Pres Macaayong presents the Conferment on Interim Chief Minister Ebrahim. (RSOY)

Macaayong aptly introduced Ebrahim who was the commencement speaker of MSU 55th Commencement Exercises on Tuesday held at the Dimaporo Gym here.

MSUS President Habib W. Macaayong introduces BARMM Chief Minister Ahod Ebrahim as MSU 55th Commencement Speaker on January 28, 2020. (RSOY)

Following is the complete text of the MSUS president introduction of Ebrahim as Commencement Speaker and Honoree:

“Assalaamu alaikom warahmatullahi wa barakato.

“Batch TENDUS RABAW, you could not have been wiser and more prescient in choosing the name by which you wish to be remembered. For the benefit of those to who this Meranaw term sounds alien, I beg your indulgence for the brief explanation I feel obliged to offer. Ne plus ultra in Latin, meaning “nothing more” or “nothing beyond”. In French, non pareil. “Supreme” or Peerless” in English.

Macaayong’s message could also be best understood in this video by RSOY.

“Thus it is fitting that this great moment in your life be graced by an ICON of the Bangsamoro struggle as Commencement Speaker, ONE who will count among your Alma Mater’s alumni after the conferment on him of an honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Peace and Development. Only exceptional people are given honoris causa award, due to contribution for country, people or humanity.

Who could be a more classic exemplar of TENDUS RABAW? This man’s life, a story of transcendence and leap of Faith, is stuff of which history is made. This man who has found a secure place in the annals of the Bangsamoro as a warrior worthy of the blood of Rajah Solaiman and Rajah Indarapatra flowing in his veins and as a principal architect of the rising New World for the Bangsamoro. His adult life is a story of War and Peace that would have inspired another Tolstoy novel.

“It is for me an immense challenge to introduce our Honoree and Commencement Speaker for, despite his crucial role as a leader in the long struggle for peace and self-determination for his people, he has kept a comparatively low profile. Leaders of large movements tend to relish basking in the limelight, in the glow of fame.

“NOT this honoree and Guest of Honor who is rarely seen on the front pages of dailies despite his colorful, storied career as a Bangsamoro leader warrior and later, a peace negotiator.

“His name is synonymous with the household terms MILF, Bangsamo ro, and BARMM. He was MILF Chairman (after the late Hashim Salamat), top MILF Guerilla Commander and later, Chief of staff of the Bangsamoro Armed Forces. No, he is Chief Minister of the newly established BARMM.

“Son of an Islamic preacher, he was raised on Islamic tenets or principles and ideals .that solid Islamic background gives a sense of inevitability to his giving up his Civil Engineering studies at Notre Dame for Jihad. This Jihad began when he signed up for the underground resistance movement against the ancient regime and fought against paramilitary groups and government military forces that were let loose as the dogs of war to create havoc in Mindanao, to prey upon Muslim civilians and indigenous groups’ communities, leaving a trail of blood, manslaughter, and untold atrocities.

The Tendus Rabaw Graduates. RSOY

“In 1968, he joined the MNLF and counted among the Top 300, the second batch of MNLF trainees sent to Malaysia. He led the Kutawato Revolutionary Command and even went to Afghanistan where he met up with Filipino rebels fighting against the Soviet forces. There he saw at close range the same spectacle of destruction and suffering wrought by cruel war.

“Taking the reins of leadership of the MILF in the 2000s, the warrior experienced a leap of faith: he and his men laid down their arms and embarked on a new journey. He took his place as major MILF negotiator at the negotiation table to work out a peace deal with the Philippines government. The old militancy, belligerence and bellicose language gave way to the language of negotiation, diplomacy, and peace. As the voice organization of Islamic Cooperation, he earned respect and distinction.

An MSU cultural ladies group brings gifts to ICM Ahod Ebrahim. (RSOY)

“The quest for a peace deal proved no less trying, grueling arduous, and fraught with uncertainty. But under the firm leadership of our honored Guest, the Bangsamoro never wavered in their resolution to reach a Peace Accord for their war-weary people, and bring a new Dawn to their conflict-riven homeland.


“When the passage of the Bangsamoro Organic Law came to pass in 2018, our Bangsamoro Warrior turned Peace Architect led the campaign for the ratification of the law. In February 2019, he was sworn in by Pres. Duterte as the interim Chief Minister who will lead the 80-member Bangsamoro Transition Authority.

“TENDUS RABAW, parents, MSU constituents, guests, ladies and gentlemen, let us rise as one, as community, and give a rousing welcome to our Commencement Speaker and honoree, the Chief Minister of the BARMM – His Excellency AHOD B> EBRAHIM.”

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