Marawi City

Unbelievable Marawi Rehab


With the way Task Force Bangon Marawi (TFBM) is handling the Marawi rehabilitation, it is impossible the wartorn city will recover in another couple of years.

More than three years after the Marawi Siege of 2017, Ground Zero (GZ), the most devastated during the Siege, is still a ghost town with only one-way marked roads that could be used for commuters travelling from Marawi to the Basak area, southeast of Lanao del Sur.

But as of posting, some residents are allowed to return to their homes in Tulali village after complying with government requirements such as applying for builsing permits etc.

As a joke from a friend, why not give P2-M to every evacuee? If there are some 300-K of them, just simply give them P2-M each for livelihood, certainly, recovery will be very fast.

With only a measly sum of P600-M as against the multi-billion dollars aid the government received, the money will not be wasted as it seems it has happened.

But ofcurz, as corruption is the order of the day, it’s next to impossible to happen (to give the evacuees such amount.)

For the siege of Marawi, to quote Member of Parliament (MP) Duma Sani of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, is a milking cow of the TFBM and their contractors.

And whatever this TFBM will say, no one believes them except those conniving few Maranaos with them.

May Allah help us and guide us. – MNY

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