World Muslims unity a farfetched but not an impossible dream

By MASIDING NOOR YAHYA | January 9, 2019

My son, Jafar, asked me what I could say about the tension between America and Iran. As a student of history, cultures and religions, he deserved an honest opinion on this matter.

I summed up my answer in a few words: “There will be no another world war due to this conflict.”

Observers fear that a war between Iran and the USA will escalate to another world war. But that will not happen. Iran is not that capable to attack America. They have no military bases near America and therefore their missiles cannot reach American soil.

However, if this satanic act of America will unite the Muslim world, then there will be another world war. If that happens, the reunited Muslims will regain its glorious past and I am afraid, it would be the end of the world as prophecy foretells.

First there will be Star Wars, then spiritual weapons follow.

What I mean by Star Wars is when missiles and anti-missiles will clash on the air.

But as we are told in the scriptures, spiritual powers (from God) is superior than human’s, such missiles including nuclear weapons will not overtake God’s power.

In Islam, Nabi Issah (Jesus) is foretold to come back to help Imam Mahdi lead the Muslims against the infidels and this time the believers will win against the disbelievers.

It is in this time that mere prayers will just bring down missiles without hitting the targets. The Qur’an has related a story when enemies were defeated because of stones thrown against them by birds.

There is even a story that American fighter jets just fell down the grounds without reaching Iran when the late Imam Khomeini faced the Qiblah and pray against the invading Americans.


But, if USA attacks Iran which is possible with all Uncle Sam’s friends around Iran whose ports and military bases he can use for take off and landing for fueling or refueling, plus his chain of fleets, Iran will suffer greater damage while Washington remains unscathed because Tehran cannot do to Washington what the latter can do to the former.

Iran has no fleet, no military bases nearby America where they can launch their missiles to hit Washington. Iran may be able to defend American aerial attacks but cannot launch an attack that will hit American soil.

Iran only hope, in fact the only hope of the Muslims and other peace-loving citizens of the world who consider America as the greatest enemy of humanity, is for the Muslim countries to help in the fight against America.

If that happens, America cannot use Muslim lands to destroy another Muslim land. And their weaponry will be confined in their terretory and cannot reach Iran.

America and its masters the Zionist Israelis is in fact the common enemy of Islam, the Muslims nations and all the peace loving peoples of the world.

But in the present world, Muslims unity appears as a farfetched yet not an impossible dream.

As an ordinary independent thinker, I stand to be corrected.

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