Mayor Dipatuan: Education goals come with unity


October 23, 2019

Bacolod Kalawi municipal mayor Norfatmah “Nora” Lucman Dipatuan expresses full support to the educational welfare of the youth during the 1st municipal education convergence. (Rocaya Sumndad Otical Yahya)

BACOLOD-KALAWI, Lanao del Sur: The local government of this town has expressed its full support to the education’s welfare of its children and youth even as she stresses that the attainment of our adhered educational goals comes with solidarity and unity.

Municipal mayor Norfatmah “Nora” Lucman Dipatuan told the participants of the 1st Municipal Educational Convergence held here on Tuesday, October 22, 2019, that “education has become the guiding light illuminating our way along the straight and righteous path.”
From left: Municipal Vice Mayor Junairah Mabandus Dipatuan, LS II OIC SDS Dr. Rubina M. Macabunar, Municipal Mayor Hon. Norfatmah “Nora” Lucman Dipatuan and LS II ASDS Dr. Nordina Sarip. (RSP)
The Schools Division of Lanao del Sur II headed by schools division superintendent Dr. Rubina M. Macabunar, the local government unit of Bacolod Kalawi headed by town mayor Dipatuan and other stakeholders conducted the First Municipal Education Convergence with the theme “Building Harmonious Relationship for Peace, Unity, Solidarity and Quality Education: A catalyst for Reform Moral Values in Bacolod Kalawi, Lanao del Sur.”

Part of Mayor Dipatuan message during the occasion is as follows:
“As our country rises to the challenges and opportunities of our time, all of us are asked to utilize our energies to find strategic and innovative ways to overcome the obstacles preventing us from reaching our full potential. As such, education has become the guiding light illuminating our way along the straight and righteous path. Let passion, integrity, and excellence define our pursuits, that we may sustain our revitalization in this area. 

“We are gathered through this convergence to re-affirm and emphasize the role of education empowering and developing the young into becoming productive citizens of the country who are responsive to the needs of the times. The Municipal Government of Bacolod Kalawi have taken the initial step today, as we commenced this 1st Municipal Educational Convergence with the theme” Fostering Quality Education: Developing Strategic Educational Reforms, Integrated Moral Values and Harmonious Relationship of Educators” 

“It is imperative that we marked in our mind and heart that we should not give up on education for it is truly one of the foundations from where our citizens can not only lead productive lives but also give themselves a rippling and multiplier effect of progress and sustainability. In Allah’s (s.w.a.) grace, as we came to realize this goal together, the result will not be limited on institutionalizing an esteemed academic setting but also creating a more dynamic community where citizens are able to transcend the message of development by becoming a proactive individual or by a group. 

“In this connection, the citizens’ welfare is one of the major concerns/foci of local Governance. And when these citizens are equipped with quality education, there will be highly intensive discourses on policy formulations and policy implementations. A wide and powerful participation can be expected and will purely produce a more citizen and nation-building centered projects, programs and activities not only for themselves alone but for the entire community where they belong and serve. 

“From my own point of view, education encompasses multi-faceted aspects of human life. The absence of education is not merely the absence of knowledge but it is the main issue that we are trying to prevent from happening. 

“As the Local Chief Executive and Co-Chairman of the Municipal School Board of this progressing Municipality, I want to express two silent points: 

“First, we have been performing and will be continually performing our mandates and attaining our goals exactly as it is. However, it would be better if we can go beyond what is expected of us, as educators. It will be a nice idea of seeing all of us, especially the teachers will have a high time of increasing their productivity level in teaching not merely for the sake of promotion but of producing high caliber graduates, that in the near future will represent and will make us all proud. 

“Second, let us promote harmonious relationships among us, coming from different sectors. We must bear in mind that the attainment of our adhered educational goals comes with solidarity and unity. Let us not allow our differences and affiliations whether political or cultural hinders the pursuit of what is ought for the community and the people within it. We must weigh the common good heavier that our personal inclinations and subscriptions, for it is what is morally right to do. 

“After this event, we move on to answering the questions “where do we go next? What will happen now? It is not very hard to respond with words or verbally but it is the challenge that each one of us will be carrying all throughout this journey. But, I am very optimistic that we can do this. For I know that our dedication and determination for our sworn duties and responsibilities are similar with the fire shown in all educational logos, a fire of perseverance.”


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