LDS-II Supt. Macabunar leads Bacolod Kalawi education convergence


October 23, 2019
From left: Municipal Vice Mayor Junairah Mabandus Dipatuan, LS II OIC SDS Dr. Rubina M. Macabunar, Municipal Mayor Hon. Norfatmah “Nora” Lucman Dipatuan and LS II ASDS Dr. Nordina Sarip. (RSP)
BACOLOD KALAWI, Lanao del Sur: As the new reform agenda of Lanao del Sur Schools Division-II, Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Rubina M. Macabunar headed the First Municipal Education Convergence at the Poblacion here with the theme “Building Harmonious Relationship for Peace, Unity, Solidarity and Quality Education: A catalyst for Reform Moral Values in Bacolod Kalawi, Lanao del Sur” on October 22, 2019. 
The objectives of the convergent meeting are to develop the harmonious relationship between all stakeholders. It is both fascinating and daunting time to be educating people. That is why Division of LDS II made this twelve (12) reform agenda. Among them is “Moral Recovery.” 
Dr. Macabunar said: “moral recovery ay ibabalik natin kasi nawala na yung mga moral natin especially sa teachers as a teacher. Nasa kamay natin ang success. The future of our children… the future of Bangsamoro leaders relies in our hand…” 
She also compared the child to a failed transformer that didn’t build will. As she added, “…su tansformer a sukanean e isindaw ko munisipyo na daon bo makasindaw ka ayaon mimbaloy a sakit su wata a byaloyngka a pyamakan ka…”
Macabunar said the dignity of a teacher was not based on his/her clothes or status. It’s only about one question that you should ask yourself as a teacher: “Who am I as a teacher?” a very simple question but had a deep meaning.
She said as of now, they don’t have substitution, no retain and no transfer because we are in the state of critical condition. But Dr. Macabunar promised that all district supervisors will be itemized in accordance with their current positions.
The education convergence was a success with the support of Dr. Nordina Sarip, Dr. Samina Mamaod, Dr. Isinobae Banog, Dr. Caroline Marohom, Dr. Sarah H.Omar, and other DepEd LDS II members. SDS Macabunar also thanked the local government unit of Bacolod Kalawi for its strong cooperation and support, and to the good municipal constituents. (RSP)

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