DAR to create team empowering farmers


October 19, 2019
Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Secretary John R. Castriciones Thursday urged chairpersons of the Provincial Agrarian Reform Coordinating Committee (PARCCOM) to strengthen reports from the local level to expedite farmer concerns and issues.
Castriciones told PARCCOM chairpersons that they are the eyes and ears of the administration when it comes to agricultural matters because they are the ones who have direct access to farmers’ conditions.
“Your reports are under the provincial level. We should strengthen reportorial process so that we can act promptly and effectively to issues and concerns our farmers are facing,” he said.
The agrarian reform chief added that the PARCCOM’s duty is also to monitor other government agencies working with the DAR whether they are performing competently and effectively. Otherwise, Castriciones said, the PARCCOM is in a position to report it to the DAR so that necessary steps would be taken to reprimand or call the attention of these agencies.
“You have a vital role to play in promoting our farmers’ interest and because of this you must respond with vigor to perform your job effectively,” he said.
Castriciones reminded them that majority of the farmers’ concerns, complaints, and problems arise from legal issues. With the PARCCOM around them, helping them take steps and addressing these concerns, life would be easier to these farmers.
The Presidential Agrarian Reform Council is the highest policy-making body for agrarian reform in the country while the PARCCOM members are composed of representatives from various sectors such as landowners, farmer-beneficiaries, farmers’ organizations, cooperatives, indigenous peoples, and non-governmental organizations. (PR)

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