Local government officials laud Malabang CSO

By Masiding Noor Yahya
August 18, 2019 

Mariam J. Madid (RSP)
MALABANG, Lanao del Sur: The municipal interior and local government office of the municipality of Malabang has congratulated the Proactive and Empowered Bangsamoro civil society organization during its launching on Saturday at the Amir Balindong gymnasium here. 
MILGDO Mariam J. Madid represented Minister Naguib Sinarimbo of the Ministry of Interior and Local Government (MILG) of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) who was supposed to grace the occasion as guest speaker but did not arrive. 
Madid congratulated the organization and expressed her appreciation for its intention to help attain transparent and accountable governance in the region. 
She, however, explained that the organization has yet to obtain accreditation from the local government. 
Abdulnasser Toroganan Garo led the launching of the organization of which he is the chairman. He told reporters that the organization aims to be an active partner in the implementation of BARMM programs especially those on good governance and poverty alleviation. 
Abdulnasser Toroganan Garo. (RSP)
“This is our response to the call of the Department of Interior and Local Government and the Ministry of Interior and Local Government for everybody’s participation in establishing transparent and accountable governance especially in the region,” Garo said. 
He said that his organization has existed since 2014 with around 3,000 members here and nearby municipalities but was inactive due to indifference of former administrations. 
Today, they were enlivened by the Kilusang Pagbabago that encourages people participation in government, he added. 
“Moreover, the leadership of the newly created BARMM has expressed its encouragement for active people participation,” he gladly said. 
According to him, Minister Naguib Sinarimbo of the Ministry of Interior and Local Government responded to their invitation to be their Guest Speaker but because of an “equally important commitment earlier arranged,” the latter sent Madid. 
Garo told reporters that their next move after accreditation is to ask the government what the latter’s programs are to determine how they can support and what projects they would recommend for implementation. 
Meanwhile, they would help review the implementation of the 4Ps program in view of reports that there are double registrations, ghost registrations and registration of unqualified individuals, he asserted. 
He said that they have identified 2,000 families who deserve to be included in the 4Ps but are not. The 4Ps registry needs to be cleansed, he added. (With frank E. Dosdos, Jr/RSP)

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