By Frank E. Dosdos, Jr

August 9, 2019
Dr. Ma.  Leonor “Amor” Torres addressing the members of the LAMUSPROF (Photo by Frank E. Dosdos, Jr.)
ILIGAN CITY: A travelling Princess was the Guest Speaker of the Lanao Muslim Professionals Fraternity (LAMUSPROF) during its monthly meeting held in one of the restaurants here last weekend. 
Fraternity President General Mongcao Angintaopan identified their guest as Princess Dr. Maria Leonor “Amor” Torres of We Care for Humanity, an international organization engaged in worldwide assistance for developing countries and crisis-stricken people. 
Torres in her message said that there had been no official invitation for her but with the invitation from LAMUSPROF she could now plan on what to do to help her “Kababayans.” 
She said that her organization composed of Filipinos and Americans based in New York had been helping other countries such as Africa. They have just finished a hospital in Vanuatu, Oceania. “They used to have only one hospital. Now, they have two,” she emphasized. 
She also said that she is working with the United Nations in line with the services they are doing for the world. 
She added that she wants to see for herself the situation in Marawi so that she could compile all information to identify projects that they could support although she has plans to get investors and donors from her sponsors on how to finance these projects later on. 
She looks forward to having projects such as in education to help make changes among the people that would make them ready to undertake other projects that would improve their way of life. 
Angintaopan and his group invited Torres to be able to help the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) now in temporary shelters in Marawi and elsewhere return to their normal lives. 
They said that until now not one of the IDPs have returned to their place of residence before the Marawi siege two years ago. 
After the meeting here, the hosts guided Torres and this writer on a tour of Marawi passing through Banggolo Bridge toward the Most Affected Areas of the destroyed City. (FED)

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