White Nationalist Terrorism

August 5, 2019

A phrase is born, at least now. But this has been existing since humanity started classifying race with colors – white, black, yellow etc.
Hitler did this with his Aryan race Delusion which led to WW2 and millions and millions of human lives killed.
Apartheid of the bygone racist regime of South Africa is another kind of this white terror. Nelson Mandela stood up against it and the rest is history.
Colonial India too, by the racist British colonial gov’t. Mahatma Ghandi led the Indians to fight back ‘non-violently.’
But Israel’s Zionism tops it all. Imagine its leader, Netanyahu making a media statement justifying the death of Palestinian children because they are ‘terrorists.’
It takes one delusional leader to spark violence. And, of course, greed.
Economic gain has always been the primordial purpose in subjugating a nation or a race.
The Donald of America knows this well. The dynamics of economy and politics has always been at the core of strong leadership. But greed brings it to the extreme.
Just Think of violent events in recent memory — Iraq invasion, Twin Towers bombing, emergence of Isis, and many more.
For instance, there was never ‘weapons of mass destruction’ discovered in Iraq. there was oil in Iraq which America wanted.
Never mind the deaths of the thousands of innocent civilians as the result of the invasion. They are inferior race anyway — Arabs.
At the American homefront, Prez Trump got elected on a wave of white supremacist rhetorics which White America bought and brought The Donald to the White House.
Now he wants another four year tenancy in WH and he was at it again lately.
He was feeding on the racist tendencies of the dominant white population that some guy somewhere got so carried away and ran amuck on innocent civilians.
Trump sounds more like the leader of the Ku Klux Klan than US President.
Humanity should not tolerate leaders like him.
Their words encourage people to violence not just because they follow their leader, but because they already profess that belief.
In our country, thousands are already dead with this Operation Tokhang because precisely some cops were led to believe that it is okay to kill with the President’s stamp of authority.
But ours has no relation to white supremacy. It is pure economy and politics. (RSP)

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