‘Dirty City’ putrid label of Marawi

“Yes, it is sad but this is a satire only found in Marawi.”

August 3, 2019

Masiding Noor Yahya

IT IS true that ‘Basura’ is a peril in many localities that is giving headache to every local executive. The Islamic City of Marawi is not exempted and the situation of ‘Basura’ in the city is even derisive. 
As Muslims, most residents of the Islamic city of Marawi cleanse themselves through ablution five times a day for ‘Salah’ (the Ritual Prayers). But ironically, Marawi is said to be the filthiest place in the country and ‘Basura’ or Garbage mostly human wastes contribute a lot to this putrid label. 
‘Basura’ may not be scattered everywhere in the city but we see them piled up in many unexpected places making the city look like a pool of Smokey Mountain, so to say, and that somehow gives fairness to the wrong label ‘filthiest place’ as ironically supposed above. 
I don’t think it’s all the fault of the local government or its garbage collectors. I think the local government has ordained and implemented the management of solid waste with corresponding regulations including penalties for violations. I also think local authorities are doing well their job. 
I believe the residents share the major blame for carelessly disposing of their garbage. I see ‘Basura’ thrown in wrong places. I see them scattered just outside buildings, some are government-owned which are supposed to strictly follow solid waste management to preserve the environment. 
The problem on ‘Basura’ is not really that difficult to manage. It will only take strong political will on the part of the government to strictly implement the laws or ordinances on Solid-Waste Management and penalize those who violate them without exception. Let the law prevail.
Why not let the police do their job? Why can’t we do what the cities of Iligan, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Makati and even Manila and others are doing to maintain their cities clean? Just implement the law, jail the violators. As simple as that.

But most importantly, the public must cooperate to make our city clean, healthy and a nice place to live in. They must not throw their garbage just anywhere. The must follow the way it shoul be done.

It is a shame that while we are Muslims who believe in Islam or at least claim to follow the command of the Almighty God for cleanliness, our locality is the dirtiest in the country. (MNY)

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