Marawi mayor warns on improper ‘basura’ disposal; says to jail anyone caught


August 2, 2019 
MARAWI CITY: Mayor Majul Gandamra has been outraged in seeing how ‘Basura’ or garbage is being improperly disposed in some parts of the city and said he will jail anyone caught doing it. 
In a message to Ranao Star Philippines (RSP), Gandamra said he is angry to those who carelessly throw their garbage while the city garbage collectors are collecting the ‘Basura’ every day. 
“It’s a shame they are called Muslims but they are despicable and filthy. Astagfirullah,” he said in mixed Tagalog and Maranao. 
The city mayor was reacting to garbage photos shown him which were scattered in undesignated garbage pick-up points in the city. “Pag may nahuli kami, sa kalaboso ko ilalagay,” he added. 
The city chief executive said people throwing their wastes improperly are the most despicable. That is not the proper disposal of their garbage. “Di tomanka so mga garbage collectors ka inisayan iyo sa mga bisaya yo,” he said. 
“Pagsabihan mo yong mga tao na nagtatapon kung saan saan at di mahintay ang mga garbage collectors na dumadaan sa mga kalye. Sila ang mga walang disiplina at hindi ang mga nagsasakripisyong garbage collectors. Pansinin mo yong mga taong nagtatapon at hindi lang ang incharge sa pangongolekta dahil may oras sa pagkokolekta,” Gandamra asked RSP to telling-off the public. 
He said the garbage collectors are collecting garbage every day, rain or shine, and residents should know how to throw or dispose of their garbage properly. (RSOY)

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