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Bangsamoro Parliament member Sani urges for unity, cooperation



Member of Bangsamoro Parliament Prof. Punduma Sumndad Sani speaks as resource person during the monthy meeting of Lanao Muslim Professionals held in Iligan City on July 27, 2019. (MNY)

ILIGAN CITY: A Maranao member of the Bangsamoro Parliament has urged Maranao professionals to unite and set aside differences for the sake of the Maranao people and their homeland which is faced by many trials and adversity nowadays.  

In an interview with Ranao Star Philippines, Prof. Punduma Sumndad Sani, member of the Bangsamoro Parliament of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim MIndanao (BARMM) said, “It is time for the Maranao people to unite, set aside differences and cooperate with one another if we want to overcome the present adversity we are facing today after the Marawi siege.”  

Sani said if the Maranao People are united, it can be a better partner in fast-tracking the rehabilitation of Marawi which has been moving slowly since the government declared it liberated from terrorists who laid siege on the city for five months from May 23, 2017.  

He said they can be an indispensable partner for peace and development in the BARMM, in particular, and the Philippines, in general. “We can greatly contribute to the success of the new autonomous region especially on its moral governance advocacy,” he added.  

Sani who is also present Sultan of Guimba of the Five Datus (or Pumagsopa sa) of Marawi was among the resource speakers of the meeting of Lanao Muslim Professionals (Lamusprof) held in Iligan City on Saturday.  

Lamusprof is an aggrupation of Muslim professionals in the Ranao region comprising the provinces of Lanao del Norte and Lanao del Sur, and the citiess of Iligan and Marawi.    During the meeting, Sani thanked Princess Maria Leonor Torres for gracing the Lamusprof meeting as the guest of honor and for her concern to help the Marawi displaced persons by the 2017 arawi Siege. (RSOY)

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