By Frank E. Dosdos, Jr. 

July 14, 2019

Butig Mayor Dimnatang L. Pansar. (Photo by Frank E. Dosdos)
ILIGAN CITY: Suffering great damage during the long struggle between the MNLF, MILF and ISIS-Maute against the government, the municipality of Butig, Lanao del Sur, is now recovering from the ruins, its Mayor said. 
In an Interview with reporters last Monday, Mayor Sultan Atty. Dimnatang L. Pansar said that peace in his town has been restored through the joint efforts of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the local government and the people. 
He said that he witnessed early on the same day the raising for the first time after the last battle of the Philippine Flag at Ragayan Elementary School that was occupied by the ISIS-Maute in 2016 and badly damaged in the subsequent battle. 
“We must pay attention to our schoolchildren because they are our future,” he sighed. 
He revealed that he had laid down plans when he assumed office in 2013 but these were disrupted by the battles against the ISIS-Maute. 
How, he is optimistic that the BARMM will make him realize his dreams. “Construction of the concrete highway from Butig to Buldon in Maguindanao has already started,” he disclosed. 
Although funding for the said highway is through instalments in the General Appropriations Act, he is confident that it will soon be finished. 
The road is envisioned to give access to fine agricultural and natural resources that could be tapped for the good of the people, he explained. 
He expressed confidence that the establishment of the BARMM will facilitate the completion of the projects he envision and the programs he wants to implement. 
Finally, he revealed that he has obtained promises of assistance from friends that he did not mention and these are just waiting for assurance that a lasting peace is attained in his municipality. (FED/RSP)

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