Connected Women meetup in Iligan

May 24, 2019
ILIGAN CITY: Over twenty women entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals organized themselves at Go Hotel here Wednesday night under the umbrella of Connected Women.
Connected Women is a global community of techno-powered women entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals. 
They foster intelligent conversation among like-minded individuals, for collaboration, and network-building, sharing of ideas, ask for advice and discuss topics that matter to everyone.
The organization aims to foster collaboration among members and enhance their entrepreneurial skills, said Sobaida P. Mangorsi, chairman of SP Mangorsi Construction Services and a member of Connected Women in Iligan City.
A World Hijab PH advocate, Mangorsi told Ranao star Philippines, she envisioned greater participation of women in the national development by encouraging women entrepreneurs.
During the meetup, very educational topics were discussed, as follows:
1. Practical Money Management Strategies
2. Importance of financial literacy
3. The 6 steps to building a solid financial Foundation
    A. How to increase cash flow
    B. How to ensure proper protection 
    C. How to manage/ Eliminate Debts
    D. How to create Emergency Funds
    E. How to make money working for you 
        *Role of 72
        *Preview on how to invest in the stock Market through mutual funds
        *How to build a long Term Invest in the Stock Market through Mutual Funds
        *How to build a Long Term Investment
    F. How to preserve Estate
4. The Art of Building a solid financial Foundation
5. How to become your own Money Manager.

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