Saudi Arabia to send Imams to 35 countries for ‘Taraweeh’

May 5, 2019

Saudi Arabia’s Islamic affairs minister Sheik Abdullatif Al-Sheik leads a prayer with the 70 Imams to be deployed to 35 countries to lead Taraweeh prayers. (Photo by Milli Chronicle)

MARAWI CITY:  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will send 70 Imams to 35 countries to lead ‘Taraweeh’ (after Isha prayers) and ‘Tahajud’ (early dawn prayers) during the Holy Month of Ramadan and to teach against extremism, an online media reported.

The Kingdom’s Minister of Islamic Affairs Sheikh Abdullatif Al-Sheikh said, “It’s always been the duty of Saudi Arabia to send Imams to different countries in the month of Ramadan to care and enlighten Muslim everywhere.”

Al-Sheik emphasized that apart from leading Taraweeh prayers, Imam’s duty would be to explain the true tenets of Islam and teach them the moderate approach towards all matters of faith.
“The Imams have been picked up from the Shariah colleges. They are all well versed in the religion and have memorized the Qur’an,” he added.
Upon the departure of these 70 Imams, Al-Sheik asked them to be upright ambassadors representing the Kingdom.
The Islamic Ministry has also conducted seminars and workshops to train the Imams with best means and methods of promoting Islamic values and teachings in the foreign lands.(With a story from The Milli Chronicle/ATM/RSP).

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