BARMM turns over hospital buildings in Lanao del Sur

April 28, 2019

Dr. Safrullah Diapatuan, BARMM’s health minister, assures Balindong LGU officials, health workers, and stakeholders to upgrade medical facilities and personnel in the region during his official visit in Lanao del Sur. (RSOY/RSP)

MARAWI CITY: The Ministry of Health of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (MOH-BARMM) has turned over additional buildings of two district hospitals in Lanao del Sur, two rural health units, and one medical warehouse in Marawi City during the first two-day top official visit of the region’s ministry in Lanao del Sur.

Dipatuan and Cabingan chairwoman Fahmia Radiamoda jointly cut the ribbon in inaugurating the new RHU in Cabinagan, Marawi City.

On Thursday, Dr. Safrullah M. Dipatuan, BARMM’s Health Minister led the turnover and inauguration ceremony of one additional three-storey building for Balindong District Hospital headed by Dr. Masidhing M. Lomandong in the municipality of Wato Balindong, Lanao del Sur; one newly constructed medicine and medical supply warehouse of Lanao del Sur Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO) headed by Dr. Alinadir Minalang; and one Rural Health Unit (RHU) headed by Dr. Cabiba S. Macapaar in Barangay (Village) Cabingan under the chairmanship of Fahmia S. Radiamoda, this city.

IPHO head Dr. Alinader Minalang speaks in front of hundred stakeholders during the inauguration of the new IPHO medicine and medical supply warehouse which was inaugurated by Dr. Safrullah Dipatuan, BARMM’s health minister.

On Friday, Dipatuan inspected and turned over two additional buildings for Tamparan District Hospital headed by Dr. Potri Disomimba Ali in the municipality of Tamparan; and one RHU building in Barangay Timbangalan, this city under the leadership of Sultan Jawar Romuros and assisted by former city vice mayor Yasmin Calandada.

Tamparan District Hospital director Dr. Potri Disomimba Ali, left, and IPHO provincial head Dr. Alinader Minalang, right, join BARMM Health Minister Dr. Safrullah Dipatuan in cutting the ribbon to inaugurate the two additional buildings for the district hospital.

He also visited Amai Pakpak Medical Center (APMC), the biggest public hospital in Lanao del Sur where he was briefed by hospital chief Dr. Shalimar Sani Raki-in on the hospital operations. 

Dr. Shalimar Sani Raki-in briefs Health Minister Dipatuan on the accomplishment of APMC.
Minister Dipatuan was happy to note that collaboration between AMPC, Lanao del Sur IPHO, and Marawi City Health Office (CHO) was strengthened through the sharing of technical know-how, equipment, and most importantly data. 
In Wato Balindong, Dipatuan said he was sad to see that a district hospital such as Balindong District Hospital has only a ten-bed capacity. 

Dr. Dipatuan leads the cutting of ribbon of the new RHU in Barangay Timbangalan, Marawi City, headed by barangay chairman Sultan Jawar Romuros. In photo are Dr. Minalang and other stakeholders. (RSOY)
He said he wished to see the hospital upgraded into fifty-bed capacity when he comes back to the hospital. 

He promised to upgrade hospitals and medical facilities in Lanao del Sur as a way of “making our people feel that the Bangsamoro government is theirs.” 
“Just submit to me a well-prepared plan proposal and I assure you it will be realized,” he added. 

He assured that there is no need to worry about the flow of funding from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM). 
He said if in the defunct ARMM, the budget of every regional department was channeled through the Office of the Regional Governor, in BARMM, it is not. 
“Chief Minister Al Hajj Murad Ebrahim wanted it to go directly to the respective ministries and offices without passing through the office of the chief minister,” Dipatuan said. 
The health minister said he is asking stakeholders to join in their campaign for moral governance which is the core of the new Bangsamoro governance.

Minister Dipatuan thanked IPHO provincial head Dr. Minalang, CHO chief Dr. Macapaar and other health leaders in the province like Balindong District Hospital head Dr. Lomandong, Tamparan District Hospital head Dr. Ali, APMC chief Dr. Rakiin, Timbangalan barangay chairman Sultan Romuros and others whose efforts have contributed for the successful events. (RSOY/RSP)

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