BARMM to distribute dignity kits to women in conflict affected areas

April 12, 2019

MARAWI CITY: To meet women’s immediate hygiene needs, improve their mobility and protection, about 957 dignity kits will be distributed to lactating mothers and pregnant women who are displaced by the recent armed conflict in Maguindanao.
Through the Ministries of Health and Social Services, the United Nations Population Fund—the UN’s reproductive health and rights agency—will hand over dignity kits starting tomorrow, April 13. It aims to secure the safety and promote the well-being of the displaced women and the communities as a whole.
Iori Kato, UNFPA’s country representative, said that the dignity kits are an integral part of UNFPA’s assistance to any humanitarian crisis as it is designed to meet the specific hygiene needs of women and girls of reproductive age.
It includes basic hygiene and protection items such as sanitary pads, underwear, soap, shampoo, food, water, flashlights, and whistles.
Official data of social services ministry show that more than 45,000 individuals have been displaced due to conflicts across the Bangsamoro autonomous region. The UNFPA estimates that there could be more than 1,400 pregnant women among the affected population and around 500 are expected to deliver in the next three months. Moreover, at least 900 women have given birth in the last six months.
“In times of crisis, it is more important to protect the dignity, safety, and reproductive health of pregnant and lactating women,” Kato said.
He noted that women do not stop getting pregnant or delivering babies just because of an emergency hits.
Lawyer Raissa Jajurie, minister of social services, said that on Saturday, April 13, they will distribute the dignity kits to displaced women in four municipalities – Datu Saudi, Datu Salibo, Datu Unsay, and Datu Piang.
Dr. Saffrullah Dipatuan, minister of health, and Atty. Jajurie led the turn-over ceremony together with Kato on April 12 (BPI-BARMM/RSO/RSP)

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