April 5, 2019
FB Photo: An alleged police car burnt during the police operation in Ilian, Madamba, Lanao del Sur on Wednesday.
MARAWI CITY: Three of the five wanted for murder, and one civilian caught in crossfires, were killed in a police operation in Madamba municipality, southwest part of Lanao del Sur on Wednesday, police said.
Lanao del Sur Police Provincial Office (LDSPPO) headed by PCol. Madzgani M. Mukaram said that at about 11:30 PM of April 3, 2019, police provincial operatives were serving an arrest warrant against Usop Malubay Abdulazis; AbdulazisMacalantas Abomay; Zainodin Moro Macalantas Ameril; Alican Macabuntal @ MkigUsman, and Usman Barating Macabuntal for the crime of murder issued by the presiding judge of Branch 10, 12th Judicial Region, RTC Lanao del Sur dated February 22, 2019 when firefight ensued between the operatives and the suspects.
Salic Mangompia Mai posted in social media that his relatives in Barangay Ilian was awaken by burst of gunfire at around 1am and when they looked out they saw police mobile cars. 
He said through the intercession of the ceasefire mechanism of the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), the police left.
It was also learned that some of those served with arrest warrant were members of the MILF but the police did not coordinate with the GPH-MILF Coordinating committee.
Police identified the three suspects killed as Usop Malubay Abdulazis, Zainoden Moro Macalantas Ameril and Alican Macabuntal @ MkigUsman. 
Another unidentified civilian not included in the arrest warrant was also killed while eight operatives and two civilians, caught by crossfire, are wounded, said the police.
They were immediately brought to nearby hospital and now in stable condition. 

Police said that while the law enforcers are about to approach the residence of the suspects, they were met upon by a volley of fire from high caliber of firearms of the suspects that prompted an armed confrontation. 
Police said they recovered from the possession and control of the deceased suspects, three M16 Rifles; One M203 Grenade Launcher; Seven pieces Short Magazines; two pieces Long Magazines, and 102 Live M16 Ammunitions. 
Recovered pieces of evidence were brought to Provincial Headquarters for proper disposition and documentation while the cadavers of the suspects were claimed by their immediate relatives. 
PBGen Graciano J. Mijaris, police regional director of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM), visited the wounded PNP personnel at the hospital and awarded them the Medalya ng Sugatang Magiting. 
Mukaram said the active support and timely information provided by the community leads to this successful law enforcement operation. 
This only connotes the truth in the saying that “the community is the police and the police is the community” added Mukaram. (RSP)

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