MARAWI CITY: The Anak Mindanao (AMIN) Party List organization launched its candidacy at the historical Kilometer Zero Marker Point in Marawi through a solemn ceremonial program with the marginalized sectors including the sidecar motor drivers and local street vendors. The event was also attended by sectoral groups of women, youth and civil society organizations. 
The AMIN Partylist shared its platforms programs and achievements highlighting on its role in the passage of the Bangsamoro Organic Law, Free Public Internet Access Law, National Feeding Program Law and the 10-year validity for Philippine passports. 
Former Anak Mindanao representative Sittie Djalia Turabin-Hataman and the current congresswoman Amihilda Sangcopan have both passionately lobbied for the passage of House Bill 968, the National Hijab Day Act to be held every first day of February. This is the main reason for the gift – giving of free hijabs and roses for the Meranao everyday women heroes of Marawi. 
A total of one hundred mothers and sisters received warm hugs from AMIN women volunteers as they were given the hijabs and roses in recognition of their courage to face their everyday struggles. In the same manner, local street vendors as tokens of appreciation of their everyday labor in ensuring that there are halal meats and vegetables available to the buying public. 
One of the receivers of the AMIN aprons confessed how proud he is in supporting AMIN partylist on the mere basis that he is also a child of Mindanao. Anak Mindanao, literally translated as “children of Mindanao,” is a tri-people organization adhering to the interests and gives due consideration to the diverse ethnolinguistic groups and multiple narratives of the people living in Mindanao. 
The tricycle drivers volunteered to post the AMIN stickers and posters on their vehicles as gestures of their gratitude to all the unwavering services of AMIN to the people of Lanao del Sur, particularly Marawi City. They were insistent to join the ceremonial motorcade in select barangays of the city to show support on the AMIN advocacies. A total of more than a hundred units have put their stickers on during the event. While being serenaded by a local music artist Mally Solaiman, the youth leaders, women, and students were all ears to him and to the programs and activities parallel with AMIN advocacies on anti-discrimination, peace, cultural preservation, education, and good governance.
The event was concluded with solidarity and commitment support and messages from the different sectors that attended the said launching. Representatives from different municipalities of Lanao del Sur pledged their allegiance to the noble causes of AMIN Partylist. (Dylan McDraven)

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