Understanding, compassion needed today

EDITORIAL | January 20, 2019

At the rate the number of violent events is increasing on a daily basis, the present legal, social, technological and cultural mechanisms, systems and frameworks that used to work seems unable to cope with the social conflagration.

Here and there, we read of the shooting of people perpetrated by unknown assailants at any time of the day, anywhere in the world whether in Asia, Europe or the U.S.A. People are shot at point-blank beyond reason that is acceptable to the common sense social, moral and religious expectations of people in various parts of the world.

This is not to exclude innocent civilians killed in wars as a result of just being within the “war zone.” While political power and resource-based interests could be behind every war happening on this planet, not all wars are justified in the sense of a country defending its borders. Some wars are done to flex the military and technological might of one country against another, and in the end, most of the casualties are civilians.

While all religions teach compassion, peace, brotherhood, kindness and all the types of virtues of those who founded the religion, glaring differences are perceived in the practice of such religion. If Islam is for peace, then we may expect that countries professing the Islamic religion would be at peace with each other.

If Christianity teaches the caring for people of all ages as a mandate given by Christ, then there should be no cases of sexual abuse in some Christian churches. The fault seems not in the teachings themselves but in the way the teachings are interpreted and taught. There are conflicts between Buddhists and Muslims, such as the one in Myanmar as well as between Hindus and Muslims as found in India.

The culture of hatred combined with the culture of impunity seems to be in the upper hand in today’s conflicts.

Understanding and compassion must start with each individual. Where there are probably more people who care for and love humanity in many parts of the world today, there is a need to undertake practical steps to understanding and compassion in today’s world. There seems to be a need for innovative ways of teaching the noble beliefs, values, and lessons of the world’s major religions.

There has to be respected for the belief of the individual whether that person belies in a God or not. Human values are universally based on the evolutionary trend of our planet, and whether there is a religion or not, we humans have the capacity to understand, love and care for one another.


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