Five Maute/ISIS remnants surrender in Lanao del Sur

MARAWI CITY, Lanao del Sur: Five remnants of the Maute/ISIS group who belonged to the Abu Dar unit surrendered to the government in separate occasions, military said.

On Saturday, three remnants surrendered to the 82nd Infantry Battalion in Piagapo, Lanao del Sur. They yielded one Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG), one Grenade Launcher, one M1 Garand rifle and several ammunitions, military said.

A day before, two of their comrades surrendered to the 55th Infantry Battalion in the province’ municipality of Pagayawan and yielded one caliber KG 9 sub-machine gun and one caliber 45 pistol.
The military withheld the names of the surrenderers for their protection and security purposes.
Owayda Benito Marohombsar, also known as Abu Dar, became the leader of the Maute/ISIS remnants after the successful military operation during Marawi siege.
“Dissatisfied and discontented with the leadership and capabilities of the group is the reason why they’ve surrendered,” said Lt. Col. Jumawan, 82nd Infantry Battalion Commander.
“While we are supporting the recovery, reconstruction and rehabilitation of Marawi, our efforts against Maute/ISIS remnants will be continuous in order to achieve a peaceful and progressive community in our area of operation,” said Col. Romeo Brawner, 103rd Infantry Brigade Commander.
Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. Roseller Murillo, 1st Infantry Division and Joint Task Force Zampelan (Zamboanga Peninsula and Lanao Provinces) Commander, commended the efforts of the troops that led to the surrender of Abu Dar’s comrades.
“Our campaign against terrorists will be relentless and we will take advantage of their weakened leadership and capabilities in order to attain a just and lasting peace in our area of operation,” he added. (MNY/RSP)

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