Why we should not post family photos, videos on social media

ILIGAN CITY: Filipinos are fun of posting family photos and videos on social media. Possibly this is one big reason why there are many victims of extortions and other crimes in the cyber-media. 

Among them are Maranaos.

Police has always tagged social media as an unsafe place for posting or storing family photos and videos due to the possibility of being an easy target of extortionists. 

Police always said they have encountered numerous cases of victims of such criminal acts. 

The extortionists would download or hack photographs, videos and private conversations from the victims’ social media accounts. 

They would contact their targets to threaten them that they will publish the downloaded or hacked materials for the purpose of extortion. 

Police warned that the process of seizing private materials online can be easy for the extortionists as they employ electronic tricks to deceive users nowadays. 

Social media users should not also use anonymous and unprotected web links that might jeopardize the security of their gadgets and social media accounts. 

Kaya lang, ang problema sa Pinoy, mahilig mag-selfie.

It would be for the great interest of online users and the public in general to activate the security steps of instant messaging, and refrain from saving personal data and information online such as family or private photos or videos. – MNY 

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