Physical exercises and healthy food are secret of long illness-free life

“For the past week, daily briskwalking gradually guided me 5 kms downtown to buy sliced pineapple as early appetizer. Great help :-)

Not long ago, I almost lost hope. Severe pains prevented me from moving everytime such pains struck, I couldn’t even turn left or right. My wife bought me a cane that I felt it was embarrassing. 

The doctors had not much to give except the dosages as a result of another round of general laboratory examinations. 

I religiously followed the doctor’s advice because I know they are also helping me. 

Overseas, my son and his beloved wife were worried for I wasn’t replying to their “How’s the exams, dad?” in social media. Actually, I didn’t want them to know how terrible pains were hitting me in the right side of my back and below. 
Then in a chat one day, a friend in Manila advised me to take this medication that she used to for three months and that relieved her. The sachet was actually one of the prescriptions given to me by my doctor. 
Later my landlord came; he advised me to do some body movements until I could walk, and try to walk no matter how slow from 5 to 30 minutes and do same physical calisthenics.
I started the bristwalk, followed by a slow and easy exercises. During the first 2 days, i could only go for a short distance. Now, Alhamdulillaah, I was able to walk all through the five kms from our house to the market downtown.
I realize physical exercises and eating of healthy foods are the best medicines for a physically fit and illness-free body. – Mas Lam NY

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