CFLC Buadiposo-Buntong Turn-over Ceremony.

BUADIPOSO-BUNTONG, Lanao del Sur: Hon. Mayor Noron G. Dadayan, Llb. heads the Turn-over ceremony in Brgy. Pindolonan, Buadiposo-Buntong, Lanao del Sur.
Witnessed by the guests and fisherfolk beneficiaries Mayor Dadayan and PFO Manioba Domaot cut the ribbon to commence the ceremony. 
Pindolonan Brgy. Chairman Macoy D. Macaombao formally opens the ceremony and welcomes everyone. Rationale of the event is given by PFO Domaot highlighting the benefits of the CFLC project. 
Mayor Dadayan expresses gratitude to the bureau and hopes for the fisherfolk beneficiaries. 
Project turn-over message is given by Sir Abdul Unggie of ARMM-BFAR Regional Office. 
Guests – Municipal Agriculture Officer Abdulgaffar G. Hadji, Municipal councilor Anisa D. Macaombao, Brgy. Chairman Aba Mawalo and Mr. Olomoding Pundato of Municipal youth council give short messages thanking the bureau and the beneficiaries. 
SB Secretary Busar Guinar point out the sustainability of the CFLC project. MPDC Safrullah P. Mangontra also expresses gratitude in his message.
Certificate of Recognition is given to ARMM-BFAR Regional Director Janice Desamito-Musali, Al-hadja and PFO Manioba Domaot for their valuable contribution and support to the fisherfolk of Buadiposo-Buntong.
The ceremony ends with the signing of Turn-over papers by Mayor Dadayan, PFO Domaot and Engineer Faiz H.Malik.
Two (2) units of chest freezer and eight (8) units of fish stall with stand are also turned over as component of the CFLC project. – Armm-bfar Lanao DEL Sur/RSP

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