Dalupang, Amikir adjudged Lakambini and Lakandula respectively during Saguiaran District 2 Buwan ng Wika celebrations

@RSP: Ms. Niham Dalupang (left) won the Lakambini while Mr. Abdulwali I. Amikir (right) the Lakandula during the 2018 Buwan ng Celebrations of Saguiaran District-2.

SAGUIARAN, Lanao del Sur: Ms. Niham Dalupang (left) won the Lakambini while Mr. Abdulwali I. Amikir (right) the Lakandula during the Buwan ng Wika celebrations of the schools district of Saguiaran 2 held at the Maito Basak Central Elementary School last Thursday, August 27, 2018.

Both the Lakambini and the Lakandula came from Bagoingud Elementary School under Principal Zakia Macote Balang. 

Saguiaran District-2 is headed by District Supervisor Dr. Norhanifah T. Angin and is under Lanao del Sur-1 schools division which is headed by SDS Dr. Normillah Pangandaman.

With the theme: “Filipino: Wika ng Saliksik,” the occasion was highlighted by competitions among students on poetry, dances, drama, orations, singing, and reading.

Among the best highlights was the holding and selection of the Lakambini and Lakandula.

Other winners are:

1st runner up: Lakambini Alamina A. Casan; Lakandula Mr. Maulana Faisal Macote.

2nd runner up: Lakambini Maika B. Omar; Lakandula Mohammad Casan.

Winners of Madulang Pagkukuwento:

1st prize goes to Bagoingud Elementary school:

1. Shilamar Camar

2. Umohainie Mapandi

3. Aina P.Yusoph

4. Aiman Samporna
5. Nurlaila macote –Narrator

2nd Prize goes to Pagalamatan Elementary School:

1. Nihaya M. Cadalin
2. Norfatma Aljabber
3. Omar Yusoph 
4. Norshida Tanggo
5. Princess Khur-ain Alamada


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