President Duterte’s Message on Eid’l Adha 2018 commemoration

MANILA: President Rodrigo Roa Duterte asked to foster greater unity and harmony across people of various faiths as he joined the World Muslims in the commemoration of Eid’l Adha that marks the end of the annual hajj rituals during the Muslim month of Dhul Hijjah. 
This year’s Eid’l Adha falss on August 21. 
In his message on the occasion, the President said the sacred feast serves as a reminder of the fulfillment that is found in sacrifice. 
He said Ibrahim’s faithfulness taught us the way towards a strong spiritual foundation that is guided by our shared values of compassion, selflessness and hope. 
“Today, we do not only commemorate the admirable act of being obedient to one’s God, but also to celebrate the significance of faith in our pursuit of meaningful transformation,” Duterte said. 
Duterte said that as Muslims all over the world honor this remarkable sacrifice, “I hope that you will be more inspired to embody courage and conviction in all of the challenges we face as a nation.” 
He said: “May this celebration bind us together in our common hope of building diverse communities that is rooted in mutual respect and peace. I trust that in the midst of our religious traditions, we will find the strength and inspiration to live a life that transcends social, political and cultural barriers.” – RSP 

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