Sultan sa Bacolod Conding declares intent to run for Marawi mayor

August 20, 2018

Elections in 2019 have been already lurking around. 

Whether there will be elections next year considering the move for federalism and the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) to run the affairs of the newly created Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) don’t hinder aspirants to showing their intentions this early.

In Marawi, one who is aiming for the city highest executive post is the incumbent revenue district officer of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) RDO No. 102.

In a message to Ranao Star, Atty. Nasrollah ibn Muhammad Siddiq Bacarat Conding, sultan of Bacolod, Lima Datu ko Marawi and Amil of One Peso Sadka confirmed his intention to run.

Last week, Conding surprisingly declared his “intention to serve the good people of Marawi” during the wedding ceremony of his niece Puti Conding Ombao at Frosty Bites last August 16, 2018.

He said that he believed in good omen and he felt he owed the public when asked about his plan for 2019 city mayor.

“It is high time,” Conding said, “to answer the issue since he has the right audiences and the right place.”

Sultan Conding said that he was always being asked if he is ready to serve the people of Marawi.

He said he often recalled that when he passed the bar exams, he has already started serving his people by filing a case against DPWH for immediate construction of the bridge linking Madaya and Saduc Guimba.

He further increased his services when enthroned as sultan of Bacolod, lima datu ko Marawi.

He also cited his prime program as sultan being the administrator of One Peso Sadka Ogop ko Ginawa Foundation to serve the eight beneficiaries of zakat (charity).

Conding’s performance as RDO in Marawi was unprecedentedly laudable.

He made the RDO in Marawi to become the top performer RDO in the Philippines by collecting more than P653 million against the 2017 goal of P380 millions.

Before him, RDO 102 was a topsy-turvy and lousy office.

This is an indication, the Sultan of Bacolod said, that he is dedicated and devoted to serving the Lima a Datu ko Marawi.

Right now, lawyer Conding said, he is occupied with collecting of Zakat, promoting Islamic seminars including slaughtering of animals during Eid’l Adha. – RSP

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