Mayor Sumagayan leads Taraka municipality founding anniversary

TARAKA, Lanao del Sur: The Municipality of Taraka, Province of Lanao del Sur has successfully celebrated its 56th founding anniversary on June 25-29, 2018, marking another milestone for the progressive town.

No less than town mayor Prof. Nashiba Gandamra Sumagayan led the event which marked another remarkable year that is true to its theme, “Integrity and Friendship: Building Blocks for Socio-Economic Development and Lifelong Peace.”

In her message, Mayor Sumagayan expressed her warm greetings to her people during the occasion even as she reminded them of the challenges by unexpected circumstances that tested their endurance. “In spite of everything, we still have managed to get to our feet,” she said.


“I am extending my warmest greetings to all my constituents and my fellow Tarakanians on the celebration of our 56th founding anniversary. As we celebrate this historic occasion, it gives me so much pleasure.

“To see how far we have come in our endeavor to progress continually for the betterment of our community and common good of the whole constituency of Taraka these past few years, we had faced social turmoil that shook our nation in general. All of us were challenged by unexpected circumstances that tested our endurance. But in spite of everything; we still have managed to get to our feet. All of the calamities that had befallen us did not stop us from reaching out and helping one another in those difficult times.

“Truly, it is the trust of the people of Taraka that has been driving this administration to dedicate itself in providing the best it can give to the constituency. It has been the main source of this administration’s commitment to deliver the goals set, enhances Unity and Peace across our community and promote economic growth and general welfare for all. And for this, I take great pride in remembering all of these events for they are proofs of how strong we are as a community of people.

“As we head on to the future, let us bring to mind the glorious past of our municipality and be reminded once again of the greatness of our native land. Let us rejoice at our municipality’s true beauty that can be seen through its rich culture, tradition and heritage and continue making every effort to bring improvements to our municipality for a better future. 

“Mabuhay ang Taraka.”

Taraka derives its name in perpetuation and in memory of a noble industrious strongman who led the crusade of digging a big canal to let water upstream flow traversing the area for the purposes of irrigation the vast of land he had cleared and cultivated and for his people to drink and use in their daily living.
Local history revealed that long before the advent of Islam in Mindanao, these areas were covered by big trees and other wild plants. It was also known for its rich stories of fairy tales and myths.
During the introduction of Islam in the province of Lanao del Sur, BAB-UL-RAHMAN (Gate of Mercy)Mosque was constructed in this municipality and became the first mosque erected in the province as well as the second mosque built in the Philippines which paved the way to Islamic education and religion in the province.
Another peculiar qualify of the municipality of Taraka is that the Royal title known as Sultan sa Masiu and Datu a Cabugatan sa Masiu can only be confirmed in this Municipality; otherwise, if confirmed in places other than Taraka, it will be deemed baseless without royal recognition.
The Legal creation of the municipality of Taraka as a separate, distinct and independent Local Government Unit was by virtue of Executive Order No. 42 declaring certain municipal districts in the Philippines as municipalities beginning July 1, 1962. – Rocaya Sumndad Otical/RSP

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