Taraka LGU marks Women’s Month

TARAKA, Lanao del Sur: Municipal mayor Prof. Nashiba Gandamra-Sumagayan led officials of local government, other government agencies and women in the municipality of Taraka, Province of Lanao del Sur the celebration of the Women’s Month as well as the Sexual and Reproductive Health Day held at the municipal sports complex here on Monday. 

With the Theme, “WE MAKE CHANGE, WORK FOR WOMEN,“ the celebration was held in coordination with Taraka Rural Health Unit (RHU) and Almujadillah Foundation. 

In her message, Mayor Sumagayan said this event intends to awaken women who may be still sleeping. “We should remember,” she said, “that not because we are women we are not counted in our society, but we have big responsibility in the community, the development of the community, especially in the molding of our children, like the teachers in molding their learners.” 

The lady mayor said this kind of event is conducted to remind that women can also do what men can, not only in politics but also in business. 

She emphasized: “We are strong. Women may be weak physically but emotionally strong. Although we are dramatic because we are demonstrative but it does not mean we cannot fight.” 

Mayor Sumagayan said that the mother should not think her profession is low for that is the highest profession that cannot be compensated for “we work 24/7.” 
Sumagayan said that at this time, men cannot afford to do everything without the help of women. “This celebration,” she said, “ is emphasized for the women (the mothers) not to confine ourselves in the four corners of our rooms.” – ROY/RSP 

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