Marawi is Ours!

Is this the beginning to express suppressed mixed feelings of hatred and fears of the Maranaos after the siege of their beloved Marawi City?

The siege, like of which, had never happened before in the Maranao history claimed over a thousand of their lives, destroyed their properties, turned their beautiful city into ashes and debris, and shattered their future.

It took almost a year for authorities to declare the city safe (from the God-cursed ISIS) though only outside of what they call “Ground Zero” because the military has still something to do over in the Most Affected Area which is still closed to residents.

Watching the unfolding of events, Marawi seems to be destined to become one city no longer owned by the Maranaos… solely.

It is slowly but clearly appearing to them that some bigger powers played hands behind the unfolding of events through funding and directing their proxies including the IS-Maute group — powers who, since time immemorial, have been helplessly dreaming to occupy the Maranao land, the most beautiful site and rich in natural resources on the face of earth.

Indeed, Marawi and the entire Maranao Homeland for that matter is Maranao’s, and not any other’s, even the Philippine government, and the Maranaos have not only the right but the divine duty to defend their homeland and their identity as a People!


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