RVG Momoy Lucman for ARMM Gov?

Early birds in Lanao politics: A Sequel

Many believe the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) has its last years until 2019 when elections come. They think federalism as being pushed by President Duterte, or BBL, or Revolutionary Government, will abolish it.

This is not impossible to happen. But that uncertainty is not good reason for those eyeing elective posts — and even appointive ones — not to start positioning their plans this early. And this is where I think ARMM vice governor Momoy Lucman is right in his start with the media if what we heard is true.

One of his confidants told us that Momoy is engaging the national mainstream media for exposure. The confidant whom we prefer not to name said the incumbent RVG is doing the media flick in his plan to run for the highest executive post of the regional government.

If this be true, present Governor Hataman might not be seeking for a third term because as far as we know, Hataman is still qualified to run for one more term.

It is not too early for any aspirant to prove that he deserves the public votes because of his qualifications and experiences in addition to his integrity, trustworthy and competence.

In the case of Momoy, his years as RVG cum DSWD-ARMM secretary plus his stint as DILG-ARMM secretary will be a good criterion whether he can indeed be a good ARMM chief executive.


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