A précis of “The 1972 Marawi Uprising: The Untold Story”


An upcoming book written by the principal figure, so to say, of the 1972 Marawi Uprising will be brought to fore when the author can finally find some Samaritans to help him print the book. 

The author, Datu Meno D. Manabilang, requested me to write a foreword which I did and wrote “First Word.”

To give a bird eye view of what “The 1972 Marawi Uprising: The Untold Story” is all about, I am reprinting hereunder the First Word with the hope that it can help our readers understand why it is called “untold”:


This book is the book-print of a draft entitled “1972 Marawi Uprising: Untold Story” by Datu Meno D. Manabilang, undisputed leader of the 1972 Marawi Uprising, in his own hand writing.

Manabilang, present Sharief Batua of Madaya ko Pumagsopa sa Marawi, is a prominent member of the Top 90 who carved a name in the early part of the Muslim rebellion. He is also former official of the Ansar El-Islam, and organizer and military leader of the Ikhlas Revolutionary Council.

I have watched him since my youthful day as the revolution was taking shape when the Muslims are drifting away and walking through different paths.

I could say he had not changed his stand as a God-fearing and pro-People revolutionary leader. Ironically, he was considered by many as outmoded and bizarre. Perhaps, it is due to his unwavering sincerity in his cause.

I saw odd times when some of Manabilang’s comrades tried to betray him. In 1996 when Misuari surrendered to Ramos, some Ikhlas key men went with Misuari.

When Sharief Batua Manabilang did not agree to join Misuari to surrender, they desired to oust him from the leadership of Ikhlas. They might have even wanted to condemn him.

Despite controversies and accusations shrouding the Uprising, the Sharief Batua, being the organizer and prime mover of Ikhlas, is no doubt the principal figure in the Marawi Uprising of October 21, 1972.

His work may not be scholarly researched. But it is a work sincerely done from the heart of the author. And as an independent observer, I find it, though briefly written, more worthwhile reading than other similar treatises I already read.

Any thought, idea and opinion herein expressed is in anyway of the author. As consultant on this publication, my only role is its arrangement,

Therefore I do not take responsibility of whatever discrepancy or misquotation that it may bear.

Bangon, Marawi City, Philippines, July 5, 2015

Masiding Noor Yahya
President, Sarimanok Press Club
Marawi City

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