By Frank E. Dosdos, Jr
Provincial Editor – RSP

ILIGAN CITY – A group of Bangsa Mranaw Leaders sent a public apology for understanding and reconciliation after holding a presscon the other week which Bangsa Mranaw Congress Chairman Sultan sa Lanao Dr. Firdausi Abbas declared unauthorized.

Abbas also said that copies of the resolutions distributed to Media during the said presscon were fakes.

Abdani Alonto, representing the said group, sent through this writer, the following open letter:

“Salam to all! (sic) One of the noble objectives of the BANGSA MRANAO CONGRESS is to serve as a venue to all Mranaws to voice out their sentiments, grievances and requests to the agency/agencies or group/groups, both public and private rather than to join radical group or groups making GUN as their instrument to get the attention of the government. The said Congress is the peaceful approach to gather the requests or problems of the people and to find solutions in order to avoid public chaos or not to make trouble to any agency or agencies in the govt … I will strongly recommend to the members of the Bangsa Mranao Congress that each approved resolution shall be discussed thoroughly through conference meetings by the congress representatives and the concerned office/offices for possible solutions before seeking the opinion of the court. I think this is the proper procedure to be adopted to make everything more acceptable. We will assure the public that we will adopt proper procedures in all the congress activities to avoid misunderstanding. Accept our apologies if our recent presscon did not comply procedure to make everything acceptable to everybody. Thank you and wassalam. God bless us.”

It may be recalled that after the presscon mentioned by Abdani, Dr. Abbas told this writer that he has withdrawn – not resigned – as Chairman of the Bangsa Mranaw Congress.

Abdani told this writer that their group intends to talk things over with Abbas as soon as he comes back. (RSP)

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