Bangsa Mranaw Congress

EDITORIAL | September 22, 2017

Saga of Courage, Rebuilding a Shangrila

In an assembly of Maranao leaders last September 13, 2017, which was characterized as solemn yet euphoric, they declared to hold the Bangsa Mranaw Congress. After so long a time, the term Bangsa Mranaw or Maranao People, has once more emerged, the term their ancestors propagated and their grandparents have been familiar with.

The Maranao leaders from all the sectors of the Bangsa Mranaw — the traditional, the Ulama or religious, the academicians or educators, the women, the youth, the professionals and the Mujahideen declared that compelled by the tragic circumstances which caused the destruction of Marawi, living in its wake the ruins and widespread devastation and the anguish and trauma of a battered people, a clarion call often blown by their great grandfathers when a crisis is at hand which the people must respond to unify, so it is today that such a clarion call is heard deafening like a thousand trumpets in coherent blasts, and once more the Bangsa Mranaw must be steadfast, firm and brave to confront their adversaries and the adversities, man or nature may cast upon them.

The enthusiasm that flowed in the assembly was overwhelming and brought a tear to every eye. Today, the Bangsa Mranaw has again been raised with the thunderous applause and support of all the Maranaos. The youth has found renewed fervor and enthusiasm, the old saw in the assembly memories of proud and gallant stance of the Maranao People reminiscent of the Dansalan Declaration in the Battle of Marawi against the Spaniards, the Battle of Padang Karbala in Bayang against the Americans, and how the Maranaos wiped out every single Japanese in Lanao six months before Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur landed in Leyte.

All are jubilant and confident that they will succeed in their political and legal pursuits under the leadership of the Sultan of Lanao, the guiding spirit of the Congress, Atty. Firdausi Ismail Yahya Abbas Ph.D. The initial assembly was immediately remarkable for there present were the traditional leaders headed by the Sultan of Marawi Subair Mustapha, Sultan of Guimba Duma Sani, Sultan of Toros Dr. Lomala Imam, Sultan of Bacolod Atty. Nasrollah B. Conding, and Cabugatan sa Madaya Camar Batangan representing the Sultanate of Madaya, the Lima a Datu who carry the heart of the royalties of Marawi City, the Muajahideen from the MNLF and the MILF, the lawyers, such as Atty. Cairoden Maruhom, Atty. Dalidig A. Sumndad, former IBP president of Marawi City and Lanao del Sur, who was then in Manila, in a telephone call accepted the responsibility whatever may be tasked upon him, the Sharia lawyers, educators, former politicians, civic-oriented Maranaos, the women, the youth — name them and they were there.

It is said the night which is dominated by darkness always passes for the morning light always dawns, from every ruin shall always grow another tree, another post, another brick, and from every tragedy, there shall always rise a victory. Perhaps, the Bangsa Mranaw Congress is the light of day, it is the seedling, it is our victory.

Even from the media sector who are journalists and always have a neutral stand and objective view on issues, they cannot help but on this account become subjective.


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