Bai sa Yaman Emma Yahya-Alonto to be enthroned Bai a Labi sa Bacolod, Marawi

Bai sa Yaman Emma Yahya-Alonto, incoming Bai a Labi sa Baoolod, Marawi

Bacolod Chico, Marawi City

March 25, 2017

A blue-blooded lady belonging to many a royalty here and abroad will be the next Bai a Labi sa Bacolod, a well-respected royal title in Bacolod, one of the Lima Pumagsopa sa Marawi. 

To be enthroned as Fourth Bai a Labi sa Bacolod on April 13, 2017 is Bai sa Yaman Hadja Norfatmah Rosemiah Emma Mangaroma Panarondong Atar Moliya Yahya-Alonto.

Bai a Labi sa Bacolod is a royal title which is conferred solely upon the daughters, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters of Bai Daet, daughter of Sultan Sharief Mohammad and Suria of Bacolod.

Bae Daet was married to Sharief Mohammad of Buadi Sacayo, the first Pamlian sa Marawi. They bore four children, namely Dayang-Dayang, Miara, Batingolo, and Moliya, whose children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are the sole heirs and heiresses of both the thrones of Pamlian sa Marawi and Bai a Labi sa Bacolod respectively.

It shall be recalled that there was another Sharief Mohammad of Bacolod. He is Daet’s first cousin. He is the father of Managsa, Arindig, Pitiilan and others. His heirs could be Sultan sa Bacolod, Marawi. He is the great-grandfather of Bai sa Yaman in her mother side. But he is not entitled to the throne of Bai Labi sa Bacolod.

“That is why,” according to Sultan Camid Gandamra, “for a century or more, only the heiresses of Bai Daet had been enthroned as Bai Labi sa Bacolod, which is also true to the Pamlian sa Marawi.”.

Sultan Camid, the father of Marawi City Mayor Majul Usman Gandamra, is considered a reliable authority on the Taritib and Igma of Pumagsopa sa Marawi of which Bacolod is one, as well as the Taritib and Igma of Pat a Pungampong ko Ranao.

The first Bai a Labi was Dayang-Dayang, eldest daughter of Pamlian Sharief Mohammad and Bai Daet.

The second Bai a Labi was Danggaolan, daughter of Miara, therefore, niece of the first Bai a Labi Dayang-Dayang.

The third Bai a Labi was Hja. Mo’mina Khusna. She is grand-daughter of Batingolo, third child of Bai Daet.

Bai sa Yaman is the daughter of Datu Mauyag aka Sheik Omar and Bai Ponoan.

Datu Mauyag is son of Shiek Murad Mangandog Yahya (aka Saripa Datu sa Bayang, of the Royal Houses of Hadhralmauth, Yemen, Bayang and Ramain); and Bai Mindamoao, daughter of Moliya, the late Radiamoda sa Marawi, and youngest son of Pamlian Sharief Mohammad and Bai Daet.

Bai sa Yaman is married to Hj. Mohammad Ali Alonto and is blessed with 9 children and 2 grandchildren.


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