LTO totally eliminates fixer’s activities in Iligan City

Iligan City, Philippines

Land Transportation Officer Monadato M. Mangadang, chief of the LTO Iligan District Office disclosed recently that the local LTO office has eradicated by 100% the activities of fixers in consonance with the performance commitment of the LTO Iligan District Office in the first 100 days of the Duterte Administration, even as he stressed that the employees of the local LTO District Office adhere to the ethical standards of government officials and employees.

Mangadang said that processing of driver’s licenses is completed within the stipulated timetable or earlier. He said for renewal of driver’s licenses, processing is completed within twenty five (25) minutes or earlier, while for new driver’s licenses, processing takes about four (4) hours. He said the time table for driver’s licenses processing is usually met or even completed earlier.

Holder of a Master in Public Administration (MPA) degree, Mangadang said that LTO District Office consistently achieves its collection target goal. He said this year, the LTO District Office realizes a 20% increase in its target collection.

The local LTO District Office has for a long time campaigned among motorists to abide with the transportation laws to prevent any trouble. Mangadang said the usual violations relate to the use of modified or improvised mufflers and tinted plates. He said the use of modified or improvised mufflers is prohibited by law.

He said vehicles found violating transportation laws are impounded, adding that “Impounded vehicles unclaimed after six months are forfeited in favor of the government and are subject to public auction.”

Mangadang said the courts of law are clogged with cases involving recovery of payments as most of the vehicles impounded are acquired through loans and when the impounded vehicle is not claimed by the owner, creditors resort to legal action for the recovery of unpaid amounts.

Driver’s License is valid for five years now

Mangadang said the good news is that the validity of driver’s licenses is extended to five years. He said the new policy takes effect by October this year in the LTO Central Office, while in the District levels, the effectivity of the extended driver’s licenses validity will take effect at the end of the year.


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